Artists Atlanta Illuminated: Hannah Day

At Illuminated Creative, we work mostly with businesses and nonprofits but have had a hand in a lot of different types of projects including music videos, TV, and film. As artists ourselves, we love to support local artists. We wanted to do something that would highlight the vibrant and creative community of Atlanta. There are so many things that make Atlanta special, but one of our favorite reasons is that we are constantly surrounded by art. Artists Illuminated will highlight different artists in Atlanta, their work, and how being in Atlanta has influenced their work.  We reached out to some friends and some people that we just admired and we will be posting a new video every month. We hope you enjoy this series!

Our first Artist is Hannah Day. Hannah is a graphic and web designer by day and a pop artist and painter by night. Everything she touches is art. She recently showed a series on how it felt to have a traumatic brain injury. She talks to us about her process, her inspiration, and what it is like to be an artist in Atlanta. Hannah lives in Adams Park in South West Atlanta with her husband and their two cats

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